fnord Travels in Hyperreality: Tuesday's Dream

05 January 2007

Tuesday's Dream

In a colliseum, or some sort of dirty, brownish arena in an acient and foreign land, local people brought birds for a festival. They brought the birds, not in cages, but on long leashes. There were all sorts of birds--eagles, buzzards, ravens, falcons,gulls, crows, hawks, and so forth--all with gnarly beaks. There were several hundred birds; they did not fly, they walked and waddled in. By instinct, training, or perhaps divine guidance, they lined up from shortest to tallest. This process tangled their leashes which were (perhaps for this purpose) inordinately long, but always remained taut. The result was a neatly arrange corps of birds assembled rank and file restrained by a chaotic network of lines.

After this, a man holding a small bundle in his arms walked into the arena. He place the object before the birds and removed a sheet. The bundle was revealed to be a smallish white-haired dog.

The birds and dog faced each other. In unison, the birds opened their beaks and began to screech and howl at the dog: a cacophonous roar. The dog, unperturbed, began to howl back.

-the end-

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Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say I love this dream... I completely relate for some weird reason.