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03 November 2006

Life in Exile

In it's edition of June 11, 1979, on page A-2, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner carried a story which questioned the authenticity of the Ayatollah Kohmeini. The article quoted a column by William Hickey in the London Express which included photographs of the Ayatollah Khomeini, which were taken when he was in France, showing that he had only nine fingers. The middle digit of his right hand was missing. REcent photographs show that the present "Ayatollah Khomeini" has ten fingers.

In addittion, Iranian premier Amir Hoveida testified: "I know him and I can assure you he had only nine fingers. This Khomeini is an imposter." Shortly after making that statement, Hoveida was shouted down in the court he was testifying in and pulled out of the building and shot.

-The Review of the News (December 12, 1979) p. 65

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