fnord Travels in Hyperreality: Population Explosion

08 November 2006

Population Explosion

The ruling-class has created a myth called "over population." The myth states that the population of the world is growing too fst. It is used to propigate thoughts like this: "A democratic, capitalist state [does not have] the discipline necessary to survive in a world of scarcity." The purpose of these messages is to prepare the average citizen to accept total government control of himself and his environment. This authoritarian control has been mentioned by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981:

"I think we accept the idea of a vast expansion in social regulation. It may take such forms as legislation of the number of children, perhaps even legislation etermining the sex of children once we have choice, the regulation of the weather, the regulation of leisure, and so forth."

A Washington psychologist and sex-therapist suggested "that the world's nations remove 'the right to reproduce' from their people as the only solution to the global population explosion...by such means as placing temporary sterilizing chemicals in food and water supplies...whether or not it was with the individual's consent."

Some nations have already taken these extreme measures. For example, India has taken steps to control its population growth by the forced sterilization of its citizens. In the Indian state of Maharashta, where Bombay is located, all men up to age 55 and women to age 45 must be sterilized within six months of the birth of their third child. During one period of "special emergency," the Indian government performed 10 million forced sterilizations.

In a government report entitled Communist Persecution of the Church in Red China and North Korea, dated March 29, 1959, it is reported that "all the elderly people 60 years of age and above who cannot work are put in the old people's 'Happy Home.' After they are place in the home, they are given shots. They are tolde these shots are for their health. But after these shots are taken, they die within two weeks.

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